Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Motivational Posters

February 21, 2010 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Anime Blah Blah | 7 Comments
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It had me falling for it and laughing my ass out for it…

BAKA TO TEST is my fave this season! I don’t need the plot nor bishies to enjoy this cup of random idiocy~ It is good as it is. Really refreshing to watch… EP 6 and EP 7 was pure win for me!

Even this POLL agrees with me >3

So fandom took a toll on me, and thus…

sorry for the crappy captions and to my friends who had to bear with me spamming this on their timeline and dashboard!

Last but not the least~

Side Note:

F*** It’s true that Good Smile Company will release a Hideyoshi Nendoroid. It was announced last Feb. 7 on Wonder Festival 2010 Winter. No release date revealed though. I REALLY WANT THIS ;A;



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  1. Haha, I remember seeing these on Plurk 😀
    My favorite is the taser one. Ah, just something about that taser hehe.
    I also like Kokai’s and Yoshi’s (just cuz they are my fav characters (of the two episodes I have seen X3)

    Random but is Kubo getting tentacle raped? O_O (and enjoying it? I see blushes on his cheeks)

    • I was on full fangirl mode that time XD sorry for spamming those

      Yeah, SHOUKO is love, and I know you know how much I love her

      And who’s Kokai? I think you meant Kouta? Anyway, there are only 5 eps left until you catch up! DOWNLOAD and watch it~

      Kubo — for further information please watch ep 3-5 XDDDD

  2. *note to self, don’t read a manga while commenting*
    Lol, sorry I meant Kouta. I was reading SLH when I left my comment XD I think I somehow mixed Kouta and Cain (Kain) together to form Kokai haha

    I’ll probably wait for the entire series to be released before I watch. If I try to follow one episode at a time I usually forgot about it and sniff out something else. But I will definitely watch >:3 I want my taser (and to find out the mystery of the the tentacle rapage X3)

    • LOLOLOL, no wonder you got mixed up XD!

      Oh, I find it hard to catch up once an anime is finished -_-”
      I kept delaying for the sole reason, IT’s just there it wont leave it syndrome~ XD

      And yeah, imatazeyou, you know 😛 and Kubo is <333 *Fangirl POV ;)*

  3. Your post got me interested!! XD Right now, I’m trying to finish downloading the episodes that are out so far. Plus, I just also read the first chapter of the manga and I thought it was pretty interesting. =D

    • Really? I am glad XD.
      The show, hopefully, will not disappoint you :3
      And oh the manga, I am planning to read it after the anime finishes airing ^^; so I won’t go looking for a plot XDDDDD

  4. Ahhh Baka to Test, Im glad you showed me their Motovational Posters, especially poor Yoshii-kun… >_<
    *Rips his shirt off and acts like Kubo!*

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